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B6M 2 In 1 Voltage Regulator HEBB6M01

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Instruction: Specification:
●Special greaseproof/waterproof design, much reduce damages caused by fuel and water infiltration.
●Add filter capacitor for high frequency interference, to efficiently reduce the outside interferences(ex. High speed/torque servos).
●Due to the unique 2 in 1 design, the regulator’s functions provide power to the receiver, servos, and the internal glow plug ignition system that does not require you to remove the clip lead.
●The linear regulator design results in no interference to the receiver. The required input power may only consist of a 2 cell Li-ion or a Li-Poly battery.
●When the integrated power switch is moved to the on position, the voltage indicating LED’s and ignition indicating LED’s will illuminate displaying the status of the battery voltage, and of the plug ignition function.

●Input voltage: DC 7.4V 2CELL Lithium battery
●Output voltage:6A 7.4V(For reciver/servo) 5A 1.5V(For Glow plug)
●Max. continuous current: 6A
●Regulator size: 73x32.5x13mm
●Control board size: 35x24x10mm
●Weight: 51.2g(including wire set)

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