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T10 Transmitter Set HERT1002 (Model 2)

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Focus Shot1(T10 Transmitter) Focus Shot2(AR18i Receiver) Focus Shot3(Ni-MH chargeable battery AA)
Focus Shot4(Phone Screen Bracket/Monitor Mount) Focus Shot5(AR18i Signal Wire/Micro USB) Focus Shot6(User Guidance And Precautions)
T10 Specification: AR18i Specification:
●Channel: 10 channels
●Model Type: Quadcopter
●RF Range: 2.4055 ~ 2.475 GHz
●RF: <20dBm
●System Mode: 2.4G system AFHDS 2A
●Power Input: 4.2V ~ 6.0V
●Display: 73x39mm, LCD Backlight touch screen
●Transmit Distance: In open space without interference <1000M
●Antenna Length: 26mm(Dual Antenna)
●Weight: 410g(not incloude battery)
●Dimension: 179x81x161mm
●Certificate: CE0678, FCC, NCC(CCAJ16LP2890T5)
●Channel: 18 channels
●RX Sensitivity: -105dBm
●RF Range: 2.4055 ~ 2.475 GHz
●System Mode: 2.4G system AFHDS 2A
●Power: 4.0 ~ 6.5V DC
●Transmit Distance: In open space without interference <1000M
●Weight: 14.9g
●Dimension: 27x26.2x15mm
●Certificate: CE0678, FCC, NCC(CCAJ16LP3030T2)
Instructions: Accessories:
●AFHDS2A(Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System Second Generation) features with superior protection against interference, low power consumption, and high sensitivity receiver.
●Capacitive touch screen design makes setup much intuitive and simple.
●Equipped with 4 switches, 2 knobs and 2 buttons for multi-functionality setup.
●Support Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3, Mode 4 stick mode.
●Independent identification ID enhance the system stability of proactive anti-interference.
●High efficiency Omni-directional gain antenna maintaining a strong reliable connection.
●Optional mobile phone holder available for FPV screen viewing.
●Feature with update function.
●Feature with stick trim function.
●T10 Transmitter x 1
●Phone Screen Bracket x 1
●Monitor Mount x 1
●AR18i Receiver x 1
●AR18i Signal Wire x 1
●1.5V Ni-MH chargeable battery(AA size) x 4
●Micro USB x 1
●User Guidance x 1
●Precautions x 1

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